Unlocking the Power
of Unified Action

What is Unifyre?

Our core idea is that there’s a special power to a critical mass of people taking action together. This is the engine behind social change, personal growth, and impactful events. Unifyre makes it easy to unify groups of people, through our crowd action approach. Here’s how it works:

Easily launch or join a wide variety of group experiences, anything from a local gathering to a global movement

Reusable Grocery Bags Commitment

Let's get 500 people to use reusable grocery bags this weekend. Check-in with an image of your bag at the counter

Disaster Kits Movement

We should all be more prepared for disaster. Can we get 50 people to make disaster kits by next week? Check-in with an image of the kit you make or buy

Bank Exit Movement

Let’s get 100,000 people to divest from the big banks! Check-in with an image of the slip that verifies your account is closed.