Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How is Unifyre different from Facebook, Meetup and other event platforms?

Unifyre enables groups of people to take action together. We use a novel approach called crowd action where users aren’t committed to act unless a minimum number of people also commit with them. People who commit stay accountable by checking-in afterward with a photo showing that they followed through. In this way, everyone knows they aren’t acting alone.

This approach brings people together in a brand new way. It’s fun, novel, and offers unique advantages beyond what’s possible on traditional event platforms. Event/movement creators have a reliable headcount, and participants know their time will be well spent because of the critical mass feature of the mechanism. Unifyre also makes it easy to create distributed movements on a local, national or global scale.

2. What happens if I don’t follow through on my commitment?

We totally understand that life gets busy and commitments can fall through the cracks. That being said, since others are counting on you, we want to inspire you to follow-through as much as you can.

If your follow-through rate dips below 70%, you can only commit to Fyres after they’ve reached their commitment threshold. In this way, people with high-follow through rates drive the minimum threshold for any given Fyre. Once you raise your follow-through rate above 70% by checking-in to more Fyres, you’ll have full privileges on the system again.

In case you’re wondering, your follow-through rate is totally private, only visible to you :-).

3. How do I check in?

You can check in by submitting a photo showing completion of your commitment. In the case of an event, you have the option to get checked-in by the host instead.

4. What can I use Unifyre for?

  • To create a movement or meme, where people are committing to an action in their everyday lives
  • To support personal growth by allowing people to stay accountable around a commitment with a group
  • To create events and gatherings.

5. I don’t want to download an app.

No problem! You have the option to participate in any crowd action through SMS interaction alone - no app download required! Every crowd action has a corresponding web landing page created, and when you’re invited to one, you’re sent a link to this page. At the bottom, you’ll have 2 options - “Commit Via App” and “Commit Via SMS”. If you select the second option, you’ll receive a confirmation text message, and then you simply text back an image of the action once you complete it.